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Pissed at the Pope in the Philippines: Catholicism vs. Feminism

Posted on: 17/01/2015


Today I woke up to an excited household. My parents were watching Pope Francis’s meeting with the Jesuits in the Philippines. My Mum is from the Philippines, and my Dad studied with the Jesuits there. Several of the Jesuits in the room are personal friends of theirs. I joined in watching the video, feeling happy that Pope Francis had experienced that Filipino sense of humour which I’ve grown up around.

Minutes later, this article came up, and my happiness quickly dissolved into anger:

Pope criticises Gay Marriage, backs ban on contraception

I was brought up as a Catholic, and stopped going to church regularly when I was about 15. This article has reminded me why I don’t subscribe to Catholicism anymore. I’m always respectful of other people’s faiths, but as this is the one I’ve been brought up in, it angers me.

I have been a feminist for as long as I can remember. This doesn’t mean man-hater, it means I believe in equality between everyone. Banning contraception perpetuates inequality between men and women, and saying people aren’t fit to bring up a family just because of their sexuality is just sick.

I think it’s absolutely appalling that in this day and age, we have someone with so much influence in parts of the world, enforcing a ban on contraception. How is the world ever meant to beat the outbreak of HIV/Aids if we have the head of a church saying using contraception is wrong?

Long before I stopped attending church, I was very uncomfortable with how patriarchal it is. I would refuse to say parts of prayers which use ‘man’ or ‘mankind’ as a shorthand of referring to the whole human population.

It didn’t take me long to expand this thought to realise that the whole message throughout Catholicism is that women aren’t the same as men.

Women caused all the sin in the world

Women are only worth a mention during a catholic mass if they’re a Virgin

Women aren’t good enough to become priests

But I don’t think my ideology is limited to feminism, it’s a basic human right that we are all equal, and to have control of our bodies.

The ban on contraception reinforces inequality. By condemning birth control, it condemns women to perpetual inequality. They’re unable to take ownership of their own bodies, and firmly puts them in a subservient bilogical role of maternal nurturers. Because if women weren’t busy having babies, maybe they’d get ideas and want to be leaders!

Before I decided to stop attending the Catholic Church regularly, I tried to find a compromise. My logic was that as there’s an ‘actor’s church’, maybe there’s a feminist church. I googled feminist catholic church, and my horror escalated as I browsed through the results:

Pope Warns Feminists



Catholics Trapped by Feminism



I literally wept while reading this. How could I continue to be part of a church which teaches people to think in this way?

As it seems women don’t stand a chance in the Catholic Church, it seems that gay couples have even less of a chance.

If heterosexual couples are such an ideal family configuration, then why can’t the same be replicated by a homosexual couple? Isn’t the key to it having loving parents? Why would it matter if a kid has two Dads, two Mums, or just a single parent?

It feels so much more personal that the pope has reinforced these messages in a country to which I attribute half of my heritage. They are a step backwards into times which humankind has since evolved from.

Wake up Catholics, it’s 2015.

Disagree with something I’ve said? Feel free to comment, I like a good debate!


5 Responses to "Pissed at the Pope in the Philippines: Catholicism vs. Feminism"

Reblogged this on The Sisterhood Strikes Back and commented:
Brilliant blog on how the Catholic Church scorns all women. Calling out the pope on his views on gay marriage and contraception

The teachings of Christ are not to be “evolved” with time, the doctrine adjust to the current times but It won’t ever change. Since the Church was founded by Christ and is Christ centered, there is no gap to achieve human desires/personal agendas.

If you believe Jesus you believe his word, his revelation,and so you have to act accordingly.

God said : “Do not Kill”, isn’t that clear? Why you as a woman can kill somebody that is not you? You can dispose of your body, it is up to you, and you will have your consequences, but what is the crime of the unborn being to have the dead penalty executed on him? Is that what Jesus want?

Jesus never despises anybody, and so the Catholic Church, the church is open for everybody. Said so, the Catholic Church teaches us to respect anybody despite their beliefs, you can marry an animal if you want and I will respect you, but it does not, certainly, means that this action is right. Repentance (remember when Jesus saved the adulterer what did he say? He forgave her and ask her to convert. Acknowledge that we are weak and we need the Almighty for our life is the key to understand what God wants from our life.

If we believe that God exists, then we have to bend our own prejudices, ideas, desires, wishes to His will …”Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”. If you choose not to believe in God (even though you were risen in the religion funded by Him), is your decision, and will definitively have its consequences, only God knows at the end.

At the end I would suggest to think about: What would Jesus do? God hates sin, although he gives us freedom to choose our own. But if you want Him in your life it has to be under His will (perfect), not yours (human).

I disagree that the teachings of Christ don’t evolve. They evolve with every individual’s interpretation of them. As they form the basis of a social construct (the church), they will therefore evolve as society evolves, whether intended or not.

I’m so pro-choice that I won’t ever be influenced on that issue. The unborn have no rights until they are able to survive outside of the womb, with a good quality of life (none of this 21 week rubbish which people are now trying to push, I work in a children’s hospital and know first hand the problems premature babies face for the rest of their lives). And what about when rape is involved? I don’t think Jesus would want a woman to be forced to put her body on the line to carry a rapist’s baby to full term. Other options should be considered, no woman has an abortion without careful consideration, many Catholics plead that adoption should be the choice, but think of the psychological effects that will have on both the mother and child for the rest of their lives. As long as the baby is inside her body, it’s a woman’s choice what happens to it. It’s really not for a group of elderly men to dictate whether her actions are considered a ‘sin’ or not. If abortion really is that offensive to Catholics, then I’d suggest they get with the times and start actively supporting the use of contraception.

The ‘Jesus forgiving the adulterer (yet another woman in the wrong I hasten to add) argument won’t wash with me when it comes to gay marriage, The issue I have is that anyone would think that a homosexual couple who provide a loving home for a child could be considered as anythings but ‘right’.

As for your concluding thoughts, I will have the relationship with Jesus that I chose to have (if I decide to have one at all). No one’s will is perfect, and who knows how that intention has changed after 1000s of years of interpretation by a patriarchal church. A church which has been wrong about some pretty major things in the past (Galileo anyone?) is bound to be wrong about other things. In 400 years there’ll probably be someone laughing that anyone ever thought abortion was wrong in all cases and people shouldn’t use birth control at all (or so I hope)

I haven’t even started to mention the outrageous actions against humanity taken by clergy past and present….I’ll go into that another day

OK, so for yourself is more important for the Church to accept all the masonic agenda. Lets start on this :

Is it more important the decision on a woman over a death sentence of an innocent?, I guess Jesus will cheer for your position, especially when it comes to INNOCENT CHILD. When there is conception there is life, there is a lot of studies that prove that, just check about some babies being aborted and how they tried to defend themselves trying to hide from the scissors of a killer “doctor”. And we are frightened over ISIS acts? Such a hypocrisy!!!!

Although I understand a rape victim will have a big pregnancy trauma because of her violation, I cannot find an excuse to kill another human just because of third party decisions, in this case the justice should be over the raper, not the innocent. The woman will have a big trauma anyway, but do you know that the trauma is bigger if you kill a human being trying to repair that act, there is not such correspondence.

You said whatever happens on a woman womb is up to her, I do not agree, because you as a human CANNOT create life, can you? The woman is privileged to have the opportunity to be the life carrier in her being, despite the baby is not part of his own body, but she shares part of her vital functions with that human to help him grow. So if what you propose is the case, it would be the same as when the baby is born, like it “was part of your body” you can dispose of him, and perhaps just let him feed himself… NO he is in an impossibility to do so, as is the patient in coma, are they then subjects of death penalty because of that incapacity?

You seem not to understand between doctrine (Jesus core teachings) and human interpretation. The church in his goverment has made a lot of mistakes, but the teachings of Christ (which you can find on the Gospels and Writings of the different pastors of the Church over the years) have stood still. Yes Galileo was a very bad judge, because they tried to base science on the Scripture, although Jesus mission was NEVER SCIENTIFIC, but SPIRITUAL.

About gay marriage, it is not about the Church try to minimize nobody, but God want the humanity to be …”generous and multiply like the stars in heaven”…, definetely a gay relationship does not add up on that matter. But like I said before, Jesus teaches us to respect, it is proven with many gay cases that it was a choice (driven sometimes perhaps of the family environment, as the vices are). Anyways, I am nobody to judge, but that is for certain not NATURAL.

We as catholics do not have our faith on the Pope or any of the clergyman, they are human and they can fail (there has been a lot of mistakes, but again I am nobody to judge because I am not perfect), but God send the Holy Spirit over his Church to continue his mission.

Finally I say, when you do a light judge you come with light results, research, find the truth, because the Truth will set you free, but for that (if you believe in God) you have to let the grace of God overcome your own prejudices, thought and criteria. We as humans do not posses the whole Truth, but this was revealed through Christ to our limited understanding for a reason. If you want God in your life let him act in you, not you in God.

This will be the last time I interact with you as I’m absolutely disgusted and in a state of disbelief that you would compare the act of abortion, to the actions of ISIS. In fact if has made me so angry, I think I will write another whole blog post on that.

As a medical professional, those who legally perform abortions are fully trained highly specialist doctors, please don’t call their professionalism into question.

Have you been a victim of rape? If you have then I’m sorry for your experience, but if you haven’t then how can you possibly know what causes a bigger trauma? Who are you to say whether a rape victim has enough of an ‘excuse’. In most cases of rape the victim is unable to speak out, or the rapist is someone known to them, so justice can’t be done.

Imagine being a child conceived by rape, knowing that you share your DNA with a rapist. Would it really be beneficial to that person’s wellbeing then?

Most post rape abortions happen within the first few months of pregnancy. Life doesn’t begin at conception, for many months the foetus (not baby) is a configuration of cells.

What about if the foetus is assessed to have many complex health conditions? And carrying it to full term and giving birth to it will sentence it to a life of pain, in those cases abortion is the kinder thing to do for all parties.

What happens in a woman’s womb is up to her. Life is created by an egg and a sperm meeting and DNA combining and cells multiplying, for those 9 months it’s her body and her choice what she does with it. The fact that you think otherwise causes me great despair and reinforces why I wrote the original post.

I know of several gay couples who have decided to have children. With a vast increase in instances where at least one of the couple is the biological father or mother. Many gay couples have two children, with one of each parent having a biological child. They are therefore definitely multiplying like the stars. Your claim that homosexuality is a choice, and that it’s a ‘vice’ disgusts me. This thought is very outdated. Nothing is more natural than two people loving each other, they don’t have to be a man and a woman, they just have to be two humans.

When looking for ‘evidence’ of things, please don’t just look up the side you want to prove.

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