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African Adventure 2011: Fourth Installment

Posted on: 10/09/2011

Our last leg of the trip has all been based in Cape Town, so we’ve had a good chunk of time to explore Cape Town itself and some of the places near it.  On our first day in town we went to the Company Gardens for some lunch, where they had a display of Bonsai trees. Some of them were really impressively sculpted, and some of the trees were over 90 years old. My favourite one was an Olive Tree, although it did make me slightly sad that my Bonsai tree died!



Of all the times to forget to put my memory card back in my camera, the day we went up Table Mountain was the worst. Shocking in fact.  I did take some with my camcorder but I haven’t transferred them yet. However, I do have this great picture of the mountain which I took from the Waterfront. We were whisked up there in a Cable Car, and you never quite believe how high it is until you see it from the bottom again. It was a moment where the world below felt extremely small, but completely worth it. Although the mountain looks flat from ground level, it’s surprising how hilly it can be as you walk around up there. In fact due to my colourful history of ankle injuries I decided not to trek around it too much, but had a few hours of total silence on peace sitting on a rock catching a tan.


Another must-see in Cape Town is Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, but not released from prison as many people think. We caught a ferry there from the Waterfront, then there was a 45 minute bus tour of the island, and we were then led around some of the prison blocks by an ex-inmate. The above picture is of the actual cell that Nelson Mandela was held in for 18 of the 27 years that he was inmate number 46664 (number 466 in 1964).


Having visited Alcatraz in San Francisco, I was surprised at how comfortable and somewhat beautiful Robben Island was. not at all like the imposing rock I was expecting after connecting it to Alcatraz in my head! Before catching the ferry back I bought a copy of The Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela. The gift shop rubber stamped it with a thing saying ‘Purchased in Robben Island’, which made it feel that bit more special. I look forward to reading it.


The following few pictures are of a few things we’ve done whilst based at my Uncle’s house in Cape Town. Below is the Rhodes Memorial, which doesn’t convey how windy it was when we visited it, a penguin that we saw in the Boulders area, a striking picture taken from Chapman’s Point, the Boschendale Winery, and a flower we saw growing in one of the vineyards.





Tomorrow will be our last day of adventure before we head home on Monday, by the time we get home we will have been travelling for 24 hours straight, so who knows what will happen in that time…


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