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Northern Venture Day 3 and 4: Castles and Islands

Posted on: 15/06/2011

This area has a lot of castles, it seems like nearly every sign points to a castle. On Day 3 we visited Warkworth Castle which is just down the road from where we’re staying. It looks like it was an impressive structure in its time. What we don’t understand is the whole process of ruins becoming ruins.

Where do the extra stones go?

Why are the outlines of rooms left uneven?

Why not level it all out to one neat row?

So many questions!

Anyway that delightful pictures is Colin and I climbing through the ‘hole’. It used to be a chapel when the castle was in full use.

After the castle we came home to watch the Queens Club Tennis Final between Andy Murray and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Unfortunately we didn’t see any of the table tennis game pictures above!  It was the first time 3 generations of our family had all sat down to watch tennis (my grandmother and her sister, my parents and us). What intrigues me is how when Murray wins he is labelled the ‘young British hopeful’ but when he does badly he’s suddenly the ‘Scottish national’? What would happen if Scotland did break away from the United Kingdom? Who would we claim as our tennis hopeful! We would be doomed!

Day 4 saw us venture to The Holy Island, Lindisfarne .  There was much excitement in the house as the journey there would need to be accurately timed to get across the causeway before the tide came in and after it went out. The first time I learned the term ’causeway’ was when we read The Woman in Black at school.  I couldn’t help but reflect on that book as we drove across the causeway to Lindisfarne, but I soon forgot what I was thinking when we got there. We ate in a lovely pub where the sparrows were so tame they took bread out of Colin’s hand!

We took a walk up to the Lindisfarne Castle, which used to be an old battery. We found it amusing that they’d made such an effort to build this castle yet it didn’t see a battle for 300 years before it became a residential castle. I was impressed with how warm it turned out to be, we even managed to get tans- something we thought would never happen so far north!

After the castle we relaxed on a hill looking over the sea, then walked down into the town where we saw the old Priory. Next to the Priory was St Aidan’s Winery where we sampled Lindisfarne Mead for the first time. I’d never tried mead before and couldn’t believe how amazing it tasted. They also had many different flavoured wines which I would have liked to taste, like Elderberry, Damson and Strawberry, as well as Toffee Liquor. They also had honey scented candles which reminded me of candles I used to have when I was a child, shaped like beehives with little decorative bees on them.

Our last stop on the island was the Gospel Gardens, where we were intrigued by an emblem of a goat with wings. When we left the island we were all exhausted. We were all surprised with how enjoyable we found it, it’s well worth a visit if you’re ever in the North East, especially to see how peaceful it is, such a change of pace to London life!

So far Day 5 has been a really relaxing day, but who knows what adventures this afternoon will bring!


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