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My Week in Commuters

Posted on: 05/02/2011

It takes me two hours to get to uni. I live in South-East London and they claim that uni is in ‘West London’, although it seems to be nowhere near London once you’ve endured the Metropolitan line more than once!

Because of my lecture times this means I get to travel at every part of the day,  6.30am,  midday, and the evening. In turn it means I’ve met a ‘colourful’ variety of people in that time. So I thought I would write about what a week of commuting would be like encountering all these people! Enjoy and please feel free to leave comments (press the comment button just under the title).

Monday- Grumpy man with newspaper

Early Morning. No one’s particularly thrilled to be on a train and I struggle to fit in the middle seat between two inevitably grumpy, slightly portly, balding men, fearing that I will not be able to escape without the aid of a shoe-horn.

They already seem pissed off that they had to slightly rotate their legs for me to stumble past, and that I’ve stat on their row instead of opposite (I resist the urge to move and have them suffer the consequences of my motion sickness).

I  decide to check my phone and get a disapproving look from grumpy newspaper man because my elbow slightly infringed his personal space- despite him having a metre wide newspaper that I’m meant to just deal with!

I then spend 25 minutes sitting perfectly still with my hat over my eyes but can somehow still sense the disapproval through the wool!

We finally arrive at London Bridge and typically grumpy man with newspaper isn’t getting off there. So I clamber over his legs and he tuts at me.

I leave the train wishing I’d ‘accidentally’ stepped on his foot.

Tuesday- Creepy Conversation-maker

As a petite 22 year old female, being tapped on the shoulder by a middle-aged strange man who isn’t even sitting in the same set of seats as me is NOT a pleasant experience.

Him: *points at sign on the window*

Me: *looks at him confusedly then realises I have my foot on a chair*

Him: Well? Get your foot off the chair then!

Me: *not liking his tone* I have a sprained ankle, I need to keep it raised.

Him: Oh I’m so sorry I feel really bad now!

Me: It’s ok *hoping that will end the conversation I go back to playing Professor Layton*

Him: I know how you feel, I broke my finger! *he holds up a weirdly bent finger*

Me: Ok. *slightly distressed he’s still talking to me*

Him: *random talking about more random insignificant things*

It continues like this until it gets to my stop and I realise he’s still there. Worried that my lie about my ankle will be exposed and he will start talking to me again I put on my best fake limp and zig-zag up the high street until I’m sure he’s gone.

Wednesday- Staring Woman

Do I have something on my face?  No

Do I know you from somewhere? No

Then why are you constantly looking at me as if I’ve just murdered a bunny then eaten it in front of you! STOP LOOKING AT ME!

Thursday- Weird Drunk Man

There’s one seat left on the train. I take it wondering why no one’s taken it then I realise,

The man next to me is leaning heavilly towards me

He reaks of alcohol

That isn’t Ribena in his bottle.

The point at which he starts shouting to himself I decide to swiftly move to a standing position.

Friday- Seat Stealer

I stand on a crowded train with barely any room to stand, 15 minutes later a seat opens up and I go towards it, relieved that one’s appeared for fear that I would’ve been sick otherwise. Just before my butt makes contact with the seat I’m pushed out of the way and a total prick perfectly capable of standing sits in the seat.

Maybe chivalry IS dead!


2 Responses to "My Week in Commuters"

Thanks for visiting today and leaving such a lovely message – it’s always nice to make a new blog friend.
I was born in London and your post has reminded me of how hard the daily commute could be. I love to come back down and have a London fix; there’s nothing like whizzing around on the tube line. But it IS nice to come away. I couldn’t do it everyday. I’ve met staring woman and seat stealer myself!

Thanks! Glad I’m not the only one who encounters those kind of people! The pictures on your blog are amazing. Do you take them yourself? I wish my camera was that good!

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